Scott and brittany

Scott Miller
with Pro Brittany Layne Shaw

Scott Miller is a fun-loving radio pro with over 48 years in the business! He has worked in major markets like Phoenix, Pittsburgh and Cleveland, but prefers the good life right here in Chattanooga.

Speaking of Country, Scott is fulfilling a dream that he has had for a long time, he got to host a night at the Grand Ole Opry. That dream was to host the “trifecta” of Country music. Having emceed the Renfro Valley Barn Dance, The Wheeling Jamboree and finally the Grand Ole Opry!

Scott’s hobbies include old cars and messin' with them HO trains. He also served the community as a dispatcher for the Chattanooga Police Department until his recent retirement.

Scott and his wife Becky have been married 45 years. 
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