Mary beth wells

Mary Beth Wells
with Pro Antonio McMath

I was born in Memphis, TN -in October of 1960 as the 5th child of 6 – part of the big crazy, loving Sparks family.  We moved to Flintstone, GA in 1963. I grew up as a Chattanooga Valley girl and graduated from CVHS in 1978. I graduated from Chattanooga State in June of 1981 with my associate degree as a Physical Therapist Assistant.   I have lived in North Georgia and the Chattanooga area most of my life.

I love my church families of Flintstone United Methodist and Mission Glen Baptist. When someone ask me what religion I am I share with them; to me it’s not about religion but about My relationship with my Heavenly Father. This relationship is the most important relationship in my life.  I am a child of God.

My greatest accomplishment in life is being mom to my two amazing children – Megan and Tommy.

My greatest blessings in life are my 5 precious grandchildren – Perry, Theo, Parker, Sydney, and Esther.

I worked for Siskin from 1981 to 1997. This is my 27th year working for Walker County schools as a Physical Therapist Assistant. When people ask me what I do; I tell them – (I get to play with kids all day.)  If I need to help a student learn to access the playground this means “I get to demonstrate how to climb up the ladder to the slide and then I get to slide down.) Guess I’m just a big kid. I can be an adult if necessary.

I love hiking and exploring Gods beautiful creation and sharing these wonderful adventures with my sweet husband, Steve. I especially enjoy adventures in our amazing National Parks.  I enjoy drawing and painting with watercolors.

Crazy facts about me: I can’t resist climbing up in a good climbing tree. I enjoy doing cartwheels and I make sure I always do one on my birthday. I plan on doing cartwheels until I’m at least 80.

I am addicted to quotes:  one of my favorites is...
"People don’t care what you know until they know that you care.” 

I have always loved dancing if I can remember.  As far as my dance experience goes... does pretending to be a ballerina or pretending I was on American Bandstand or Solid Gold count?

Why did I decide to participate in this event?
First, I can’t imagine my grandchildren not being able to get medical or dental care when needed.
Second, children have always had a very special place in my heart. To me, children are our most precious resource.  All children deserve to have access to medical and dental care and their families need to be healthy to take the best care of them at home.

Please help me in supporting this amazing organization. PRIMARY HEALTHCARE CENTERS need YOU to help them be able to provide medical and dental care for our most precious resource.

PLEASE VOTE for ME and help me raise more money than I ever imagined possible for this important charity.
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